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Verizon CTO: flat-rate data 'isn't long-term sustainable'

Chris Ziegler

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We'd secretly hoped that 4G would spell the end of 5GB caps on so-called "unlimited" plans, but the problem is that new categories of wireless devices are coming into the mix so quickly that we're likely going to get crunched no matter how advanced the technology -- hence the FCC's pleas to free up spectrum. Echoing comments made recently by AT&T Mobility head Ralph de la Vega, Verizon CTO Dick Lynch is saying that he doesn't see how they'll be able to offer an all-you-can-eat plan when the company's LTE network goes live over the course of the next few years, citing its open development initiative as a key reason -- it's losing control over what devices (and what kinds of devices) can get on its network, raising the odds that there'll be gadgets that incur particularly heavy use. It's a disappointing line for the company to take, but possibly a necessary evil in a truly wireless world. Long-term, the FCC and FTC might need to take a good, hard look at real-time network utilization to verify that Verizon's pricing is in line with its claimed usage, but for now, let's hope we don't all get priced out of our MiFis.

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