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The Space Bar sleekly covers up your grimy keyboard, adds a few USB ports to boot

Darren Murph
Let's face it -- there's at least an 89.4 percent chance that you'd be utterly embarrassed to let your mother, SO or inner neat-freak inspect your keyboard. Years of wear and tear have cleared the way for minuscule portions of delicacies, follicles and all manners of foreign objects to make their home just beneath the vowels you smash on a daily basis, and considering that cleaning said keyboard or buying a new one is far too difficult, the Quirky community has a better solution. The Space Bar ($42 in a 3-pack) is an aluminum keyboard cover that can slip right over 'boards that measure 18-inches wide and 1.5-inches deep; aside from covering things up, it also provides six easily accessible USB 2.0 ports. Too bad there's no germ-nixing UV light on the underside, but there's always hope for v2.0.

Update: The pricing has since been updated -- it's $42 for each.