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Palm crafting GSM versions of the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus?

Chris Ziegler

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Pardon us if we're playing the role of Captain Obvious here, but just a heads up: we've got some pretty solid evidence before our eyes that Palm has GSM versions of both Verizon's Pre Plus and Pixi Plus in the pipe. Said proof comes via the certification gurus at TUV Rheinland who've listed both a P101UNA and P121UNA in their systems from Palm; P101 and P121 are the numeric codes for the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, respectively, and "UNA" indicates a GSM variant (versus the deliciously underhanded "EWW" for CDMA). Now, neither AT&T nor Palm have given a lick of indication what two models they'll be releasing later this year -- but this is certainly a convenient coincidence, isn't it?

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