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Keepin' it real fake, part CCLII: Nokia N900 commits S60 5th fraud


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It's not the first N900 KIRF we've seen but it's definitely the truest fake physical reproduction of Nokia's flagship "mobile computer" to date. Not necessarily a good thing since its the raw power and OS that makes the N900 such a compelling handset -- not its looks. Nevertheless, the industrial design, port placements, and QWERTY layout of this "N900 Style" handset is a near exact physical knock-off of its Nokia inspiration. Critically absent is Maemo 5 riding an ARM Cortex A8 processor, 32GB of integrated storage, WiFi, 3G data radio, Carl Zeiss optics, and the peace of mind you get when purchasing a genuine Nokia handset. Besides, even with dual-SIM support, do you really want to spend $120 for a JAVA-built S60 5th-ish user experience on a 3.2-inch display pushing 240 x 320 pixels? Oh hell no. One more shot after the break if you're feeling surly.

[Thanks, Drew]

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