Fallout Extreme is another canceled Fallout project that has emerged from the wastes. Unearthed by Pawel "Ausir" Dembowski and posted on the Fallout Wikia, Extreme was a "squad-based first- and third-person" shooter for Xbox, under development at Interplay's 14 Degrees East (which co-developed Fallout Tactics). The game was in the concept phase for "several months" during 2000, but never really got rolling with a development team.

The premise of the game was players would control a squad in "The Cause," a group of revolutionaries in the Pacific Northwest. The game would follow The Cause as they defeat the local Brotherhood, cross the Bering Strait, and conclude with a showdown in China's Forbidden City. The premise sounds interesting, but, "Extreme?" Really? Might as well have just called it: Mountain Dew presents Michael Bay's Fallout.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.