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FujiFilm FinePix S2500HD, S1730, S1600, and JX530 leak out


We're guessing FujiFilm planned to get official with these at or slightly before PMA next month, but a new batch of its cameras have somehow managed to leak out well beforehand, including the FinePix S2500HD, S1730, S1600 (pictured above), and JX530. All of those fall into the mid-level or "bridge camera" range, with the S2500HD filling out the high-end of the spectrum with an 18x optical zoom, mechanical image stabilization and, of course, HD video recording (720p, to be specific). That's followed closely by the similar-looking S1730 and S1600, which each pack a 15x zoom and a 12-megapixel resolution, while the compact JX530 dials things all the way back to a 5x optical zoom and some considerably more basic point-and-shoot features. Still nothing the way of prices, availability or complete specs, but those should be leaking out (officially or otherwise) in the coming weeks.

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