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Tatsunoko producer would 'love to' work with Nintendo, Square on fighting games

Were you up in the wee hours of the morning this past weekend, waiting in line for your chance to pick up Tatsunoko vs. Capcom a bit early at the Nintendo World store in New York City? Yeah, neither were we, but Nintendo World Report was there and they asked producer Ryota Niitsuma a whole mess of questions about the game.

Notably, when Niitsuma was asked what other franchises he might like to work with in future "vs." titles, the producer openly stated his desire to work with not just "a whole lot of" game developers in the US, but also that he'd "love to" work with Nintendo or Square Enix. As for us, we'd love the chance to shoryuken the hell out of Cloud Strife. But hey, who wouldn't?

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