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Samsung's 3D Blu-ray player available for preorder on Amazon: $399 - Update: Not anymore


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It feels like we just left our shutter glasses behind at CES, but already a few of Samsung's new 2010 Blu-ray players (all featuring Internet@TV and Samsung Apps features) have popped up for preorders on Amazon, including the 3D playing BD-C6900. The company just announced 240HZ 3D LCDs have begun mass production and isn't waiting for the competition before diving in, issuing the first price we've seen for one of the new players at a penny shy of $400. Moving down the line the super slim and woodgrain textured, but 2D only, BD-C7500 is also $399.99, while the speedy BD-C6500 and its promised 15 second bootup time is set for $299. The entry level and eco-focused BD-C5500 is still unpriced but instead of asking whether you can afford the price of a 3D Blu-ray player, ask yourself if you can afford not to own a Blu-ray player with a hole in the top. The answer should be obvious.

Update: Whoops, and now they're gone, disappearing from Amazon as quickly as they came. Will that pricing information stick? We'll wait for an official announcement, but they all seem probable from here.

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