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Broadcom announces Android support, three-pack of chips to make your phones more awesome

Chris Ziegler

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Chip maker Broadcom has unveiled no fewer than three new mobile-themed hunks of silicon this week in preparation for MWC in just a few days' time. You ready for this? Alright, first up we've got the catchily-named BCM20751, which performs the rather ordinary tasks of GPS, Bluetooth, and FM radio management but also throws in an audio processor to offload some work from the phone's primary CPU, which the company says can reduce battery consumption enough to improve playback time by up to 100 percent in some situations. Next up, we've got the BCM4751, a GPS receiver that Broadcom's confident is going to set a new benchmark for mobile location-based services; a complete setup takes less than 30 square millimeters of precious board space and is claimed to be a guru at picking up weak signals all the while sipping power. Finally, the BCM2049 supports Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, FM (both transmitting and receiving), and Bluetooth Low Energy -- something that was recently adopted for standardization in Bluetooth 4.0. All three should be on display at the show next week. That's not all, though -- the company is also announcing comprehensive support for Android across much of its product range, which seems like a pretty prudent business decision all things considered.

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