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Motorola publishes schedule of Android upgrades for its handsets, steers clear of specifics


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Remember last week, when Motorola said it was releasing an Android 2.1 update for the Droid, but then totally didn't? Moto tried to "explain" the situation in forums, but didn't really, edited its long-erroneous Facebook post retroactively, and ended up breaking a lot of hearts. Well, now Motorola has a new "Software Upgrade News" chart detailing planned upgrades for its Android devices. While this is certainly helpful going forward, the lack of clarification on the Droid update doesn't exactly solve the confusion that got them into this mess: Motorola is merely saying that the OTA upgrade will roll out "soon." As previously promised, we're also going to be getting a Cliq update to 2.1 eventually as well, which is now being pegged for Q2. Sadly, upgrades for non-US handsets are decidedly less expedient -- or not even assured -- but at least we've got something.

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