Mobile broadband routers certainly aren't new, but Connect One's take on the whole thing just might be our favorite (yeah, even more than Cradlepoint's offerings). Of course, we'd pick up a MiFi of some sort if we were buying into the space today, but for those still under contract with a USB WWAN stick, the Wi-Reach classic adds a whole new level of utility. Put simply, this minuscule device boasts its own battery and a sole USB socket, which is used to connect with whatever 3G (and after a future firmware update, WiMAX / LTE) USB card that you slap in there. Once in place, you're now in possession of a mobile WiFi hotspot which can be shared with up to ten WiFi-enabled devices. We're told that the device can last for up to five hours on a full charge, and it can even be re-energized via USB. Interested? Prove it. It's up for order right now for $99.