Wiimote-controlled 'Jazari' robot percussion takes us back to our tribal, Nintendo-hacking roots

We've seen the hacker-friendly, Bluetooth-based Wiimote used for so many purposes by now that it's hard to get excited about just any amalgamation of accelerometer-based fun. Patrick Flanagan's 'Jazari' project breaks past the yawn factor with a veritable museum's worth of robotic instruments, which are all controlled from a pair of Wiimotes and some rather intelligent software. It all seems a little too complicated to be live-controlled, but as Patrick himself explains in true music nerd detail, there's pretty much a button or a twist or a tilt behind every bit of the wild djembe, bongo and cowbell stylings that make up Jazari's "steamfunk" (his term) music. Check out both videos after the break.