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Mercedes-Benz F800 Style teases us with fuel cells, aggressive new look

Vlad Savov

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Mercedes has just announced its latest "research vehicle," the F800 Style, and as concepts are wont to do, it intersperses some extremely ambitious goals with plenty of viable and forthcoming improvements. The two powertrain options touted by the company represent this best. On the one hand, there's a perfectly reasonable PHEV setup that will generate north of 400bhp combined grunt and offer an 18-mile range when abstaining from gas power. On the other, there's an electric drive with fuel cells system that will get you a spectacular 375-mile cruising range -- if only it'd make it to real products, which seems highly unlikely right now. All the same, as the company's premium sedan concept, the F800 Style represents the direction of Mercedes' future designs, both in its external styling and in the internal focus on becoming friendlier to the environment. We can find little reason to object to either. Check out a couple more pics after the break, then hit Autoblog for more details.

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