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MSI Launches GE600 laptop for gamers who need 'low-keyed luxury and nobleness'

Tim Stevens

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We try not to single out auto-translated press releases that have funny phrases in them, but when your English missive promises a laptop with "low-keyed luxury and nobleness," well, it's hard to ignore. That's what's on the docket with MSI's GE600, a gaming and general entertainment machine that's been given a (rather subtle) golden hue for the luxe crowd. More importantly it features a discrete ATI Radeon HD5730 video card with 1GB of memory and DirectX 11 compatibility, Intel Core i5 processors, up to 500GB of storage, and a 720p-capable webcam. At 2.7kg (5.95lbs) it's not the lightest machine, but few DX11-compatible notes are exactly svelte these days. No word on price or availability, but we're going to go ahead and guess it'll cost less than other golden portable offerings.

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