Xbox 360 Fancast 154 -- Accent-uate the Positive [update: it's fixed]

Update 2: The file should be available for direct download and subscribers now.

Yeah, the Fancast is a little late this week. We had a little technical problem. You see, technically, we forgot to hit the record button the first time we did the show. We made sure to rectify this error the second time around, and now you have a brand-spankin'-new episode. It's a pretty good one too, filled with news, fan mail and accent abuse. Next time, we'll hit the record button the first time. Promise.

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Hosts: Richard Mitchell (SenseiRAM), Alexander Sliwinski (Sli Xander), Xav de Matos (Snypz) and Dave Hinkle (KnifefightYaDad)

Produced by Richard Mitchell

Music: Intro/Outro: "Electromooq" by Uma Floresta. Break: "Forgive Me" by Le Loup.

For fans: Xbox 360 Fancast Facebook group

Dropbear Civil War

The Burrito of Fate
The best burrito story you'll ever hear. You'll find it at 33:00.

ESRB rates Tecmo Bowl Throwback for XBLA
Bad Company 2 demo 3.5 million downloads
GoldenEye maps, weapons in Perfect Dark
Borderlands sells 3 million (Take a look at General Knoxx too)
Force Unleashed DLC hits XBLM, is expensive
OMG actual Xbox 360 FFXIII screens
Sonic 4 being developed by Sonic Team and Dimps
Epic Mickey could hit 360

This article was originally published on Joystiq.