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Flash 10.1 snubbing non-ARMv7 Android devices, too? (update: yes)

Chris Ziegler

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The same Adobe employee who mentioned on Adobe's official forums that Flash 10.1 would be blowing right past Windows Mobile 6.5 made another notable comment, too: on Android, they'll be conveniently overlooking devices that aren't based on an ARMv7 core like a Snapdragon or OMAP3 -- in other words, pretty much every device of consequence except the Nexus One, HTC Desire, Acer Liquid, Motorola Droid / Milestone, and Sony Ericsson X10. At this point, we're starting to get a little suspicious -- this is the same company that proudly demoed the Hero's custom-rolled Flash support last year, after all, and there'll be no shortage of devices using Qualcomm's MSM7x27 line of chipsets in 2010 -- so we're holding out for some additional verification on this. Granted, forum mod Jochem van Dieten refers to the commenter specifically as an Adobe employee and he's got a Plaxo profile identifying him as a product manager, but this is pretty wild news if accurate. We'll update you as we know more.

Indeed, PC Magazine points out that Adobe's current verbiage is that Flash 10.1 is going to require Cortex A8 "or better." So much for the "open" in Open Screen Project, eh?

Via: Gizmodo
Source: Adobe Forums
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