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Dante's Inferno for $40 at Target next week


If you've been putting off that trip to Hell for financial reasons, it looks like Target might lend you a hand next week. Starting this Sunday, Dante's Inferno will be on sale for only $39.99, a full $20 off the normal retail price. Not a bad deal for a game that has thus far drawn passable reviews.

The store is also knocking ten bucks off the the price of NBA 2K10, making it a cool $29.99. Just be warned, while the price is right, you might be waiting a while before you can play a proper game online. Oh, you can also snag a free Ho-Oh or Lugia Pokémon if you pre-order either Pokemon SoulSilver or Pokemon HeartGold. We suggest you do that and pick up Dante's Inferno. It'll be really confusing to the cashier.

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