With the pending closure of virtual environment, There.com, it's only natural for a number of other virtual environments to make themselves attractive to the outgoing Thereians, as many of them are going to be selecting another virtual environment to participate in anyway.

Simon Newstead, co-founder and CEO of fashion environment Frenzoo contacted us today to let us know of a surprisingly generous offer that he's extending to the displaced Thereians.

There.com creators will get free lifetime VIP and Pro status in Frenzoo as well as the equivalent value of their Therebux in Frenzoo silver coins. Non-creator There users get double the usual number of silver coins at startup.

Newstead says the offer is good to 31 March, 2010, and that all There.com refugees are welcome. The Frenzoo blog has the nitty-gritty of the offer.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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