Yesterday, early reports from Famitsu magazine brought news of a new game in the Metal Max series, in development for Nintendo DS by Crea-tech. Today, publisher Kadokawa Games opened a teaser site for Metal Max 3, featuring a short video of the RPG in action. As would be expected, it's got tanks. A bright red one, in fact! Screens are up on Famitsu's site.

Metal Max is a tank RPG series whose first localized entry, the PS2 spin-off Metal Saga, was released in North America in 2006 by Atlus. A DS sequel that same year was passed over, leaving the fate of this game in question.

According to 1UP's summary of the Famitsu article, Metal Max 3 stars a character, having just been resurrected by a mad scientst, on a quest to regain his memories. Kadokawa apparently classifies him as "the strongest level-1 character in the history of video games." The game will be released this summer in Japan.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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