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How would you change Palm's Pre Plus and Pixi Plus?

Darren Murph

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We aren't trying to lump these two together or anything, but we figured we'd give those of you who opted for Palm's second set of webOS handsets an opportunity to pool your thoughts in order to make the smartphone landscape an even better place to survey. We personally didn't find too much new to laud on Verizon's Palm-branded twofer compared to the original Pre and Pixi, and those of you who were hoping for all new hardware from the company at CES were undoubtedly let down. Still, there's something to be said about a webOS product on America's "largest 3G network," and frankly, we're interested in hearing how you'd change things. Would you have overhauled things more drastically? Expanded the screen size? Bumped the resolution? Enlarged the keys? Go on and tell Jon exactly what you think in comments below -- who knows, the Pre Plus Plus might just carry your calling card.

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