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Samsung announces US availability, pricing for R1, R0 PMPs


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Samsung first announced its R0 PMP way back and July of last year, and we saw its R1 model hit the FCC a month later in August, but the company has just now finally gotten official with US availability for both of them. Set to be available sometime next month, the touchscreen-equipped R1 will come in 8GB and 16GB varieties (in black or silver) for $149.99 and $179.99, while the non-touchscreen, and slightly larger R0 (pictured above), will run just $99 and $129 for the same capacities in your choice of black, silver or pink. Both will also give you Samsung's own Digital Natural Sound Engine 3.0 "sound enhancement" technology and DivX support, along with a microSD card slot on the R0, and Bluetooth support on the R1, among other standard fare.

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