April Fools: Romancing an elcor in Mass Effect 2

[INVITINGLY INQUISITIVE] Did you enjoy playing through Mass Effect 2 and participating in its mature, emotional story?

[SMILINGLY CLANDESTINE] If so, you might like to hear about a secret love scene that can only be accessed as a female Commander Shepard.

[PROVOCATIVELY JOURNALISTIC] We have obtained a video of this secret sex scene that takes place between Shepard and a devilishly handsome elcor.

[ALARMINGLY CHEERFUL] The video can be seen after the break. We hope you enjoy it.


[PRANKISHLY TRIUMPHANT] This was all a sham. It is only an April Fools' Joke. We totally got you. Ha ha. Ha ha.

[APOLOGETICALLY SOLEMN] But seriously, enjoy the video.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.