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Seiko's 'active matrix' E-Ink watch exemplifies awesome, might just be the future (video)

Darren Murph

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Seiko's been doing the whole E-Ink wristwatch thing for years now, but the vast majority of 'em could really only be viewed when looking directly down onto the so-called dial. The appropriately named "Future Now" EPD watch aims to change all that, with an "active matrix" E-Ink display that allows for the same 180 degrees of visibility that you've come to expect in the average LCD panel. The all-black watch made its debut at Basel World 2010, boasting a grand total of 80,000 pixels, each of which are capable of displaying four shades of grey. Seiko's also trumpeting the achievements in power reduction, though we aren't informed of exactly how long this thing can shuffle minutes away before needing a recharge. Either way, we couldn't be more anxious to see this gem hit store shelves -- hop on past the break for a quick look at exactly what we mean.

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