You know us, we like to keep an ear to the ground and, while our own iPads have been purring along with no more than the occasional crashed app, we're hearing others have not been so fortunate. A number of persistent issues have been reported by anxious iPadites across the USA, including weak or intermittent WiFi signal, overheating, broken PDF exports from Pages, and the iPad completely forgetting your network settings and password. So we figured what better way to see how widespread these problemos are than to ask the collective Engadget brain trust? Have you experienced any of these symptoms? Found a fix? Returned the iPad, bought a skateboard, and started a new gadget-free lifestyle? Vote in the poll, pretty please, and drop by in the comments to let us know how it's working out for you.
iPad issues: are you having any?
Weak WiFi signal and slow transfer rates.3750 (4.8%)
Losing WiFi connection.2572 (3.3%)
Overheating.2455 (3.1%)
PDF exporting woes.397 (0.5%)
Network settings and password memory loss.841 (1.1%)
No sir, all's well and good.13455 (17.3%)
I don't own an iPad, but I still have issues with it.54529 (69.9%)
[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]