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Yogo electric scooter asks: 'Why not take a spare battery?'

Tim Stevens

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It would certainly seem like the range of the average electric vehicle could be extended quite a bit if you could just throw a spare battery in the trunk and swap whenever the lights started to dim. That's the idea behind the Yogo from Econogo -- except this is made in the UK where they call trunks "boots," and it's a scooter so it doesn't have one of either, just a storage compartment under the seat. Anyhow, in there you can store a second battery, doubling the 22 mile range and, since that cell is removable, you can easily take it inside, making office time refills a real possibility. The manufacturer's site is decidedly a work in progress but we do know that a scooter will set you back £1999 (about $3k) and that they are available in a wide array of hip colors: your choice of black or beige.

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