Def Jam Rapstar distributed by Konami this fall

A little less than a year after the game was officially revealed, Def Jam Rapstar finally has a distributor and a release window. Konami revealed that it will be bringing the Rakimulator to junior MCs on Wii, 360 and PS3 this fall. We only know a handful of the game's 40+ songs, but we've listed what we know right after the break.

A tip for the future rappers this game inspires: When trying to appear "hard" amongst your colleagues and the subject of paying dues arises, admitting that you got your start "on the streets of Def Jam Rapstar" probably isn't going to win you any brownie points. And if there's one thing that holds sway in the rap industry, it's brownie points.
  • 2 Pac - I Get Around
  • 50 Cent - I Get Money
  • Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg - Nuthin' But a "G" Thang
  • Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx -Gold Digger
  • Lil' Wayne - A Milli
  • Notorius B.I.G. - Juicy
  • Slick Rick - Children's Story
  • T.I. featuring Rihanna - Live Your Life
  • Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.
  • Young Jeezy featuring Kanye West - Put On

This article was originally published on Joystiq.