At this point it would have been more surprising if Best Buy hadn't just gone ahead and sold the Flip Slide HD before its official launch -- we've been getting leaked info and product shots from the retailer for a week now, and it was really only a matter of time before someone went home with one. That someone is our new favorite reader Scott Peterson, who nabbed one at the Roseville, California store for $279 and was kind enough to send in this photo and a quick video of the pocket cam in action. It looks like... a pretty chunky Flip with a slideout touchscreen instead of real buttons. We're also seeing a headphone jack in addition to HDMI out, which no other Flip has had, so we're guessing this thing is geared towards on-the-go playback as well as recording. Cute. Unfortunately we won't know what's what for sure until Cisco actually confirms that this thing is real -- and at this point it might as well just get it over with, as we're sure Best Buy is busy leaking the next model already. Video after the break.

[Thanks, Scott]

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