Tax day has come and gone for US residents, which means that several of us are either feeling the pinch of paying the government or looking forward to a nice big refund. Oddly enough, there's one thing that brings together both people wanting to save money and those looking to spend it: a nice sale. Which is no doubt why Cryptic is running an after-tax sale on the controversial C-Store in both Champions Online and Star Trek Online. It's not a little sale, either -- all items in both stores are 25% off until Monday, April 19th.

If that alone isn't quite enough, a new pack of add-ons have just gone on sale for Star Trek Online: a new Admiral science vessel (to compliment the escort and cruiser models already released), a new Bridge Pack, and the first Emote Pack. Champions Online doesn't get any new items for the weekend, but their C-Store is fairly well-expanded as it is. Worth noting is that the price of the points used to buy items is the same -- that is, you still get the same number of points for $10, they just buy more. And in all practical terms, it spells a good opportunity for players of both games to get some new flair at a lowered price.

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