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Aion and Rooster Teeth: Power leveling is bad

Rubi Bayer , @@rubi_
In the midst of the increased account security worries over the past months, a little levity isn't always unwelcome. Aion is combining the two with a series entitled "The More You MMO."

Part one focused on the dangers of RMT. Part two was released yesterday, complete with an extra shot of awesome in the form of a partnership with Rooster Teeth. The post consists of a simultaneously hilarious and creepy video illustrating what could happen to you if you use a powerleveling service, except you won't get any cookies. Aion's newest The More You MMO reminds us that Powerlevelers are professional thieves, not philanthropists, and using such a service is putting your account at risk. The video drives the point home and provides a laugh along the way, so it's worth a watch.

Follow along after the jump to check out the video, and read up on the dangers of powerleveling over at the Aion site. Also, watch out for Papa Lou.