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Friday night's all right for fighting with Champions Online developers

Eliot Lefebvre
Champions Online, like any game developed by a smaller studio, is fundamentally produced by people who enjoy the game that they're making. So it's not exactly surprising when they decide to host a night for players to play directly with the development team. They've run a few in the past, but this time they'll be taking on the largest new piece of content in the game at the moment: the still-infamous mini-expansion in Vibora Bay.

A couple of players are a bit surprised in the discussion thread that the developers are opting for PvE content rather than the PvP nights that had been fairly well-established. An official response was quick to come, explaining that while the developers also like the PvP encounters, they want to get a chance to play with the members of the community not necessarily interested in the PvP side of things. The event will be running from 4 PM to 7PM PST (7 PM to 10 PM EST), making it an excellent chance for Champions Online players to enjoy the game on Friday night with the team behind it.