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Nissan books 8,000 Leaf orders in nine days, gets turned on with that electric feel

Darren Murph

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Who says people aren't willing to pay upwards of $30k for a car that can only go 100 miles before needing to be tethered to a wall outlet? Evidently Nissan has struck a chord with the US populace, as the automaker just announced that 8,000 orders for the all-electric Leaf were booked in a mere nine days after orders went live. According to Mark Perry, the company's North American director of product planning and strategy, Nissan is "on its way to have 25,000 firm orders by December," and considering that it'll only ship initially in California, Arizona, Washington, Tennessee and Oregon, that's a pretty bold assumption. Better still, Nissan plans to "make money at the price that it announced," though we've no doubt that the $7,500 Federal tax credit has urged fence-sitters to jump in the pre-order line. Still, it's good to see consumers putting their money into unconventional automobiles, but we can't say we're eager to see a special run of Parking Wars dedicated to brawls over what motorist gets the last charging socket on Main Street. Or maybe we are, in a sick and sadistic sort of way.

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