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TUAW's Daily App: Bird Strike

If you're not one of the many who have discovered Bird Strike yet, then you're in luck. The game just got a solid update, with new levels, new power-ups, and OpenFeint integration. The game is almost like Doodle Jump but I actually enjoyed it a little more. You play a bird that is constantly trying to fly higher and higher with the help of rockets and various tools. The graphics are clean and fun, and it's actually a little more forgiving than some of the Doodle Jump-style games that I've played.

The game was free for a little while and is now back up to US$0.99. Even at that price, though, it's an easy buy. Lots and lots of people have already gotten a chance to play the game, because it's hit nearly every spot on the charts already. However, if you've waited to check it out, now's the time to do it.