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Join Massively on a quest to save Tyria every week in Guild Wars!

Rubi Bayer , @@rubi_
Nights of Eberron has been quite a hit with the Massively community, encouraging us to look at some other titles with the same idea in mind. Next up: Tyria. An informal poll of our readers -- meaning we asked in IRC chat (#massively on -- turned up a pretty enthusiastic vote for Guild Wars, a task I was more than happy to volunteer for.

We'll be starting in pre-searing -- again, at the behest of the readers -- and we'll be starting tomorrow night. Roll up a brand new pre character and we'll visit the game right from the beginning. The first night is tomorrow, May 6th at 9 PM EDT. Jump after the break for all of the event's juicy details!

A few quick notes on how it will all work: because Guild Wars guild memberships are account wide, we'll be doing this one a bit differently. Massively Overpowered [MVOP] will be very happy to have you as a member, but if you've got a guild that you're happy with at the moment that works too. Roll a presearing alt and join us while still keeping your current guild tag -- we're still delighted to have you. Since it's not likely that the entire group will be able to use guild chat, we'll try taking over a quiet district and seeing how that works. Join us in Ascalon City, Japanese district 1 for local chat.

Send a whisper to Rubi Djinn for a guild invite if you would like to join us. In the meantime, keep up with all the Massively community happenings via our IRC chat and the Massively Mob on Steam!