We can imagine the conversation going something like this:

"Hello, FCC speaking. How can I help you?"
"Hey, Sony Ericsson here. So basically, we took this phone you guys already approved, and just... you know, slapped a keyboard on it. We cool?"
"Well, no, we aren't 'cool.' Go ahead and submit another set of test results and we'll get back to you."
"...no 'buts.' Just do it." (click)

And that, you see, brings us to this filing for the Vivaz pro. It's not a North America-bound version -- there's no 850 / 1900MHz or AWS 3G -- but at least it'll get you some high-speed data if you're in 900 or 2100MHz markets (read: Europe). And heck, it might even make an original Vivaz owner or two jealous in the process.