Readers pick best webcomic: Lottery

Although we like to think that everyone wins a gold place medal for job well done, this week's webcomic poll has ended and first place went to NerfNow's "Lottery." Aside from being topical and hilarious, we found the punchline simply heartwarming -- didn't you? Also, it took just over 40 percent of the entire poll's votes. Hey now!

Second and third place were taken by Virtual Shackles' "How a Bill Becomes a Law" and Another Video Game Webcomic's untitled offering, respectively. Congrats to the winners -- your nonexistent prize is in the mail, but your swelling pride is available right now. If you have a webcomic you think needs listing in this week's wrapup, don't hesitate to send us a tip!

This article was originally published on Joystiq.