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South Korea will be first to OTA 3DTV this month

Richard Lawler , @Rjcc
South Korea will beat Australia to free OTA 3DTV broadcasts as several broadcasters will try out the technology starting with KBS May 19 during the 2010 Colorful Daegu Pre-Championships Meeting. We're not sure if that's soccer, a (potentially rigged) Starcraft match or what (it's a track meet), but it will be broadcast live in 3D, while SBS will air World Cup 2010 action in June. If you happen to be in Seoul and own a 3DTV then channel no. 66 is the one to watch for, but even if you don't, roll by Cheonggyecheon Stream Square and peep the action on a 600-inch 3D screen. 3ality Digital, who has handled so many sporting events stateside is participating, we're just hoping Fox (home of the 2011 Super Bowl) is paying attention.