Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on iPhone next week for $5

Next week, you'll have another platform on which to experience Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney's verbal dueling. Capcom has announced that the iPhone version of the first Phoenix Wright game, originally revealed in December, will be released on the App Store at a price of just $4.99. It's even got the fifth case, which was only available in the WiiWare port as DLC. If you've never played Phoenix Wright, passing it up at such a bargain price is a crime, punishable by our disappointment.

This is the rare iPhone port that won't be ruined by the platform's lack of buttons -- gameplay consists entirely of clicking through menus and occasionally pointing a cursor at an area of the screen. Capcom has even streamlined these controls further for iPhone, with a "flick interface" that allows players to swipe through inventory menus. There's something satisfying about the idea of playing Phoenix Wright with your outstretched index finger.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.