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Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus now live on O2 UK

Chris Ziegler

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If you bundle the original Pre in with the Pre Plus -- and you pretty much can, considering how closely related they are -- this is quickly becoming one of the most protracted, phased mobile product launches in memory. Yes, that's right: as promised, O2 UK has now launched both the Pre Plus alongside its scrappier little sibling, the Pixi Plus, and you can get either one for as little as zero quid depending on how you play your cards. The Pixi Plus goes in your pocket for free on any plan, while the Pre Plus stays free as long as you spend at least £40 ($58) a month and scales up to £99 ($143) on the cheaper plans. We've got to believe there's some awesome new (like, legitimately new) hardware in Palm's pipe at this point -- but a free webOS device is always a tough offer to pass up, right?

Source: O2 UK
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