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Apple, Microsoft retail stores playing tag

Dave Caolo , @davidcaolo
We've mentioned how closely Microsoft's retail stores resemble Apple's, and now they're even physically close. At least in one Washington mall.

Downtown Bellevue reports
that Microsoft will open a store in the Bellevue Square Mall, just three spaces away from an existing Apple Store. Feeling a little cramped, Apple will relocate its store to a new spot that's further away from its rival, around a corner and down a long hallway.

This isn't the first cat-and-mouse game that the two companies have played with their retail stores. Last October, Microsoft opened a store in a Mission Viejo, California mall with an Apple Store. Two months before the grand opening, Apple closed their location, enlarged and renovated the place and then re-opened one month after the Microsoft store opened. The two spots are just under 400 feet apart.

[Via ifoAppleStore]