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E Ink shows off brighter, crisper, more flexible displays


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It's easy to forget that E Ink is an actual company and not just a display technology, but the company was out in full force at the recent SID 2010 conference to remind folks of that fact, and show off some of its latest and greatest prototype displays. Chief among those is a new color display that promises crisper, brighter colors, though still not quite full color -- something that's apparently achieved by applying a filter on top of a regular black and white E Ink panel, which itself has blacker blacks and whiter whites than before. Also on display was a new "fully flexible" display (not color), and another black and white display that was apparently able to playback Flash video -- although E Ink curiously wasn't allowing anyone to film it in action. The folks from MIT's Technology Review did manage to capture a brief look at the rest of them on video, however -- hit up the link below for their report.

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