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Panasonic's 152-inch 4K-resolution 3D plasma ships this fall


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Say goodbye to the former king of Panasonic plasmas, the old 103-inch that toured the country and took center stage in presidential elections is old news, moved aside for a new family of commercial displays including the 152-inch 4K resolution 3DTV towered over all at this year's CES. Just in case 4096 x 2160 is too much resolution, there are 103- and 85-inch 1080p versions available as well, but seriously, look at that thing. You know Mark Cuban is going to buy one -- why shouldn't you? Because you don't have $500,000+ laying around, because it can't possibly fit in your house, because you'd never go outside again if you owned one -- stop making excuses, it's unbecoming.

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