Eagle-Eye peripheral adds keyboard support to PS3 FPS games

Most games don't take advantage of the PS3's native ability to support a USB keyboard and mouse, much to the chagrin of those who veer away from the console's regular controller. However, Penguin United wants to capitalize on this shortcoming with its upcoming Eagle-Eye peripheral. Debuting at E3 next week, the Converter offers a key-mapping feature that lets you re-map all the buttons of a PS3 controller to a standard keyboard. According to the company, the Eagle-Eye will offer "1 to 1 translation from a PS3 controller to the mouse."

Set to retail for $59.99, the Eagle-Eye is "compatible with all PS3 console versions" and will be "future proof with firmware updates." It's certainly an interesting claim and one we'll definitely get our hands on next week during E3. Until then, these demonstration videos (after the break) will have to sate your curiosity.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.