Hey TUAW's Developer Brain Trust! For many of you WWDC is just wrapping up, and you're now probably hanging around in airports bored and checking on e-mail, visiting web sites. We thought it would be a great time to offer you something to think about. Now that you've been exposed to iAds and are able to start returning to your offices to build and submit 4.0 apps using the GM release candidate, are you going to be adding advertising to your apps or not?

I've had very mixed results with ad-supported apps. For me, they've been successful outside of App Store (and a big old "thank you" to every single one of you who has clicked through! I very much appreciate it!) but not so successful in App Store itself. Now, with Apple behind iAds, I'm willing to give App Store another try.
I think I'm going to stick my toe into the ad waters gradually. I think I might add advertising to one or two of my apps and see how they perform over a month. What about you? What strategies are you going to take? Let me know in the comments -- and please do identify yourself there as a primarily paid developer, a primarily free app develop, or as a user. And with that, I'm going to turn the tables over to you as developers and users. I've included a bunch of polls here, and am looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments as well.

As a developer of FREE apps, how will you be approaching iAds?
I'm skipping advertising entirely in my apps273 (11.3%)
I am planning to use a different ad provider -- assuming Apple lets me75 (3.1%)
I'm going into iAds tentatively to see how things go335 (13.9%)
I'm jumping into iAds with both feet, and am planning to add iAds across my apps. Viva ad revenue!412 (17.1%)
I'm undecided.114 (4.7%)
Something else. I'll tell you in the comments7 (0.3%)
No vote. Please show me the results.1194 (49.5%)

As a developer of PAID apps, how will you be approaching iAds?
I will not be advertising in my paid apps551 (30.9%)
I will use advertising from a third party (assuming Apple allows this)17 (1.0%)
I will be using some iAds advertising96 (5.4%)
I will heavily be using iAds65 (3.6%)
I am undecided66 (3.7%)
No vote. Please show me the results.988 (55.4%)

How do you feel about iAds as an end-user?
I hate advertising921 (30.8%)
I am lukewarm261 (8.7%)
Bring it on -- in free apps. I'd love more, better free apps.1083 (36.3%)
I am open to ads in all apps, both free and paid131 (4.4%)
I don't like Apple collecting analytics on me115 (3.9%)
I'm adopting a wait and see attitude, or am otherwise undecided.273 (9.1%)
No vote. Please show me the results.202 (6.8%)

As a developer, how many apps do you plan to use with iAds
None189 (12.1%)
A few (say 1-3)312 (19.9%)
More than a few, call it "several" (say 5-6)74 (4.7%)
Every single freaking app that I can get out there and start monetizing95 (6.1%)
Something else -- I'll tell you in the comments6 (0.4%)
No vote. Please show me the results.890 (56.8%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.