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RoboErectus Jr kicks, waves, dances its way into our hearts (and the Singapore RoboCup)


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So, we've definitely had a few laughs at the expense of the RoboCup folks. Sure, the goal is admirable, and the amount of knowledge and skill that goes into developing these robot athletes is impressive. Until these automatons learn pick up the pace a little, howevs, there really is a snowball's chance that they'll be able to take on a human team. That said, these guys are learning new tricks every day. For instance, we caught some footage of the latest iteration of RoboErectus Jr., and it now has some good old fashioned showmanship to add to its repertoire of static kicks. See it bow, wave, jump, and dance at the Singapore RoboCup June 19-25 -- or merely check out the videos after the break.

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