Oh, sure -- Mophie's Juice Pack Air may be quite the effective device when it comes to rejuvenating a dead iPhone, but what it sorely lacks is a dash of the atypical. Essential TPE has done the world one better with the introduction of The Icon, or what's better known as the most incredible iPhone battery pack in the history of iPhone battery packs. Put simply, this portable cell plugs directly into the Dock Connector of your 3G or 3GS (iPhone 4 compatibility remains unknown), and an EL indicator lights up to show you how much juice remains in the stick. According to the company, it'll provide an extra three hours of 3G talk time, up to 18 additional hours of audio playback and up to 5.5 hours of bonus web surfing. Currently, it looks as if the company is seeking a worldwide distribution partner, so if you're into distributing awesome wares, well... you know where to get your next fix.

Engadget Mobile Podcast 042 - 06.12.2010