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Facebook adds face detection, still can't identify books

Tim Stevens

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Over 100 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day, making the social networking site something of a clearinghouse for random holiday snaps. Of course, those holiday snaps quite often contain people, and its in tagging those people that the whole process of adding photos to Facebook slows down a bit -- finding faces, drawing boxes, typing names, etc. Those first two steps are now in the process of being automated thanks to recent Facebook acquisition Divvyshot. Facebook will now identify faces in your photos after you upload them, automatically, just like any 'ol cheap compact shooter can do. Sadly it won't identify who that face is yet (you still need to type in a name), but this simple addition should make tagging much, much easier. However, we're still waiting for Google Street View's auto face blurring technology to make an appearance before we start uploading the greatest moments from our last vacation.

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