Ah, the July 4th weekend. The perfect time for grilling hot dogs, setting off fireworks, jumping in the pool, and ... hockey? That's what 2K Games wants you to think about -- it's sending an NHL 2K11 recreational vehicle on the road this summer, giving you a chance to play the new game in a town near you. The RV started at E3 a few weeks ago in LA, and after a quick stop in Santa Monica next week, it's off to the wild roads of the United States and Canada (the full schedule is after the break).

Ryan Kesler has a tour of the vehicle over on 2K's website, and it looks like a fine conveyance. For now, anyway. Sorry, Philly and New York -- after a couple of months on the road, that shower might not be quite so pristine.

July 17-18 Calgary
July 22-23 Vancouver
July 26-27 Edmonton
July 30-31 Winnipeg
August 2-3 Minneapolis
August 7-8 Chicago
August 10-11 Detroit
August 14-15 Pittsburgh
August 17-18 Toronto
August 22-23 Ottawa
August 27-28 Boston
August 30-31 Philadelphia
September 3-4 Washington, DC
September 7-8 New York

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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