XBLA in Brief -- Blacklight: Tango Down, Monkey Island 2: Special Edition

So what's it gonna be this week? A strictly multiplayer first-person shooter or a strictly single-player third-person laugher? On the one hand there is Blacklight: Tango Down, an FPS that promises extensive customization player progression. On the other is Monkey Island 2: Special Edition, which comes packed with a new adventure for Guybrush Threepwood and, of course, yuks.

Blacklight will set you back 1200 MS Points ($15), while Monkey Island 2 costs 800 MS Points ($10, conveniently only half as much as you should ever pay for a computer game).

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There are new Xbox Live Arcade games released every week. We realize that our readers are busy, attractive people, and may not have time to download and examine each and every new XBLA game. You've got busy, attractive person stuff to do, after all. Not to worry though, because we've done the work for you, downloading every single trial game and giving you a taste of what to expect. Watch XBLA in Brief every week to see which games deserve a closer look. When you have the time, of course.

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This article was originally published on Joystiq.