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Space Invaders landing on iPad today


So you just spent $600 on an iPad. How better to show off the capabilities of your state-of-the-art gadget than with ... Space Invaders? Taito released an iPad version (for $5) of its iPhone Space Invaders app worldwide -- and thanks to common iPad naming conventions, Taito thought it was a good idea to call it Space Invaders HD.

The iPad game offers, of course, a larger-scale presentation of both the 1978 game and Space Invaders Part II, as well as some promotional flyers and other vintage artifacts. It also has a rather cool new feature: a two-player mode that flips the screen so that players sitting across from one another can take turns. It's modeled on the classic cocktail-style arcade machines, and Taito even went so far as to demonstrate the game on iPads sitting on those arcade machines at an event in Japan.

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