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Dell Streak makes friends with Logitech diNovo Mini (in more ways than one)

Darren Murph

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So, you've either purchased a Streak, or you're anxiously awaiting your own here in the US. Fantastic. Now what? If you've just over $100 to spend and even a pinch of smarts, you'll give strong consideration to Logitech's diNovo Mini. Though launched around two years ago, this portable Bluetooth keyboard looks like a match made in heaven for Dell's newfangled 5-inch smartphone, with the cover holding the Streak (almost) perfectly in order to create a makeshift Android laptop. Better still, the Bluetooth device pairs seamlessly with Dell's doodad, and both the keys and finger pad operate sans any major issues. But hey, it's not like you ought to be taking our word for it -- head on past the break to see the magic happen on video, and dig down in that source link for even more inspiration. It might just convince your cold, hardened heart that love does indeed exist.

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